Precise New Tools for Beating the Algos at their Own Game
For a limited time, we’re offering all three of our newest tools in the Ultimate Indicator Bundle. When you take advantage of this offer, you get instant access to:
  •  The Multi-Squeeze Indicator ($497 Value) 
  •  The Top Hat Indicator ($497 Value)
  •  The Power Correlations Tool ($397 Value)
Now that ‘algos’ have become a dominant force on Wall Street, you need to evolve and beat them at their own game. That’s why our new suite of precision tools are designed to reveal exactly what the algos are doing so you can predict big ‘multi-timeframe’ expansions, ‘algo attack’ reversals, and properly hedge your portfolio.
Multi-Squeeze Indicator
The “Multi Squeeze” Indicator is designed to reveal Nested Squeezes on up to 18 time frames! You can even spot setups on hidden timeframes! This breakthrough tool finally makes these powerful moves easy to find. 

Multi-Squeeze Features:
  • Unique single chart display helps to find the biggest moves in the earliest stages
  •  Easily spot ‘Nested Squeezes’ on your watchlist with a quick glance at the top corner of your chart
  •  Works on almost any symbol (stocks, ETFs, futures, currencies, and indexes) Now available for Thinkorswim and Tradestation
Top Hat Indicator
The “Top Hat” Indicator exposes upcoming ‘reversions to the mean’ in advance. These abrupt reversals are often triggered by ‘algo attacks’. This tool offers an objective way to time sector rotation and stay on the right side of the big fund’s ‘trade flow’. Objectively know when to lock in profits.

Top Hat Features:
  • Powered by Average True Range measurements in THREE timeframes
  •  Reveals when to expect ‘algo attacks’ using their own tactics
  •  Use on intraday or daily charts to anticipate ‘sudden’ reversals Now available for Thinkorswim and Tradestation
Power Correlations Tool
Designed to precisely measure your portfolio’s exposure to specific market risk. Hedge funds spend hundreds of thousands on programs like this but this critical information was out of reach for individual traders. Unless you have this insight, it’s easy to be too exposed to a specific sector or index. 

Power Correlations Tool Features:
  • Identify your portfolio’s exposure to specific market risk
  •  Measure how to properly hedge risk for individual traders
  •  Designed to help precisely adjust your positions
  •  Now available for Thinkorswim & Tradestation
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